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Succeeding isn't all about saying yes. It's about challenging ideas. Debating. Growing. At Laureate, you'll face healthy, vibrant discussion around every corner. You'll also have a chance to reinvent the world of education. We're all here to learn. What can you bring to the table?


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At Laureate, we offer our students a wealth of educational programs that span the arts, sciences and humanities. Through these programs, we also continue to change the world of education, and touch lives around the world. Explore our academic programs and see how we're expanding access to higher education.

Art, Architecture and Design (Global Art & Design)

Laureate's Design Universities offer programs in art, architecture and design that provide international opportunities for our faculty and staff to exchange ideas and grow their careers.

You'll work alongside top architects, artists, filmmakers and designers as you show our next generation of students the potential of a career in the creative arts.

Business & Management

This is one of our largest fields of study. Our faculty and staff include leaders in business and education, and if you want to impact the lives of our students and the world, you can join us.

Many Laureate network institutions are highly respected, including Business School Sao Paulo, which was recognized among the top graduate business schools in Brazil and Latin America by QS Top MBA.


Students will look to you, as a member of our faculty and staff, to guide their development, share your experiences, and show them the places a career in communications can take them.

Many communications programs at Laureate network institutions earned accreditation in recognition of their quality and outcomes.


There's a worldwide shortage of skilled teachers and university faculty. Laureate Centers of Excellence in Education are meeting that demand with innovative curricula, experienced faculty and campus-based and online learning options. As a member of our faculty and staff, you can help us meet this need, and work with students who are pursuing degrees in education at Laureate Centers of Excellence in Education around the world.

Engineering & IT - Science, Technology and Research

As we continue to redefine education, your new ideas about teaching, engineering and the world will guide your development and the development of each student.

Today, many Laureate institutions are among the top in their respective countries in these important fields of study.

Health Sciences

We are one of the world's largest providers of postsecondary programs in the health sciences. Our faculty and staff are key to delivering these programs.

We also have a real commitment to our local communities as more than 150,000 patients have received free or low-cost treatment from our community clinics.

Hospitality - Hospitality Management and Culinary Arts (Global Hospitality)

Laureate institutions are the world's largest providers of hospitality management education and are a steady source of well-trained professionals for the world's top hospitality brands. As part of our faculty and staff, you'll be able to both learn from and teach the top minds in hospitality.

Law & Legal Studies

As part of our faculty and staff, you'll also provide our students with supervised, hands-on experience through law clinics that have delivered services to tens of thousands of members of communities around the world.